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911 proxies are down, where are the best alternatives

Product: LATEST By: Markel Created: (02,08,2022 at 17:00 PM)

911 proxy service (911.re), regarded as one of the few original residential proxy networks, has announced shutting down its operations after suffering a data breach. The service that has sold access to countless Microsoft Windows computers since 2015 confirmed in a message on its home page that the cyberattack destroyed critical elements of its business operations.



Incident Details

Earlier in July 2022, Brian Krebs from KrebsOnSecurity had criticized the connections 911.re proxy service had with dubious pay-per-install affiliate programs, which bundled its software with pirated software and free utilities.


Krebs noted that 911.re operated multiple pay-per-install programs and paid affiliates to bundle its software with other programs to generate a steady stream of proxies.


Soon after Krebsreport, 911.re informed users about reviewing its network and implementing new security measures to prevent misuseof its services, along with closing new user registrations and proxy balance top-up.


We are reviewing every existing user, to ensure their usage is legit and compliance with our Terms of Service,the notice read.


Many users complained that they could not use the service after the companys public notice. On July 28th, the website announced a permanent shutdown of its services.


How does the 911 proxy service work?

Users rent a residential IP address and use it as a relay for Internet communications while protecting their identity. But they often don't know that this turns their device into a proxy that allows other users to use their internet address.


Such proxy services build their networks by offering free proxy or free VPN services powered by software that turns their computers into traffic relays.


How to choose a safe proxy service


I recommend you use a professional premium residential proxy, it's actually the exact opposite of a free proxy. It's fast, reliable, transparent and completely secure. Most of the problems listed in free proxies are security related. Premium proxies offer unparalleled protection, and they themselves are responsible for keeping your data as safe as possible. Data security is both a value-generating attribute and a factor that, if ignored, can cause serious trouble for proxy providers.


If you need a high-quality residential proxy, we recommend PIA Proxy Manager, a military-grade encrypted network that provides you with a true Internet Service Provider (ISP) IP. Residential proxies provide the highest level of anonymity to protect your real identity from detection.


PIA Proxy Manager offers rotating and sticky proxies, giving you ultimate control and flexibility. By avoiding IP bans, you can perform any bulk online task efficiently and quickly.


PIA Proxy Manager builds a dedicated premium IP network for unlimited account creation, social media marketing, sneaker buying and unlimited website traffic, grow your social media presence and truly build you with PIA's best proxies s brand.

Why do you need PIA Proxy Manager?



- The world's number one 50 million residential agent

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- Hide your IP address and location anytime

- Easy to use, one-click quick connection

- No user logs are kept, protecting your online privacy

- No registration or configuration required

- You can visit websites in Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and 180 other countries


PIA Proxy Manager provides free proxy services. No configuration required, just click a button, change your IP and keep you anonymous online.


Bulk creator

PIA Proxy Manager can help you to create all kinds of bulk social media accounts and help localize accounts to achieve massive likes, follows, comments or posts like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp, Instagram

One-click connection to authorized proxy IP. There is no complicated process, even beginners can easily get started.


secure access

PIA Proxy Manager's fast proxy servers in 180 countries around the world allow you to browse more anonymously and maintain your digital freedom no matter where you are on the internet.


Enjoy your favorite websites and apps

PIA Proxy is great for browsing websites, apps, social networks, streaming services so you can surf the web freely anywhere at school, work or on the go.


If you need a high-quality residential proxy, you can get PIA proxy manager, one-click connection to switch 50 million IP resources worldwide, military-grade encryption technology, experience 30-day free use and 7*24-hour online service, and solve problems for you at any time .

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