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Free proxy vs paid proxy service

Product: Internet Security By: Markel Created: (06,08,2022 at 13:41 PM)

Paid vs. Free Proxies: What’s the Real Price to Pay?

In general, proxies offer the huge benefit of anonymity in internet browsing -- especially for those who want to escape government tracking or censorship attempts. Proxies provide a great layer of protection against those who try to abuse your privacy. But that's not all, they also open many new doors to unlock more freedom on the internet, such as bypassing geo-restricted content (streaming, booking flights, unlocking different pricing, etc.), or IP-based restrictions (Open multiple accounts).


In terms of functionality, both free and paid proxies look the same.


They all mask your true online data to some extent, provide important security against immediate cyber threats, and simplify your business.


However, if you thoroughly compare commercial paid proxies and free web proxies, you'll see that the latter offers little benefit. In free proxy land, you end up paying with your privacy or resources. Always keep in mind that your internet privacy should be taken very seriously. Proxy should be synonymous with anonymous.


Both free and paid proxies tend to store a certain amount of data about you. However, in the case of a free proxy, you cannot guarantee that the service will not monetize your data.


This means that in the case of free proxies, your data is at risk not only by accident, but also on purpose. You and your business could even suffer significant losses if they sell your data to some adversary, such as a ransomware attack or customer identity theft.


Also, most free proxy services are temporary, with few plans to exist for life. Of course, maintaining such a massive technological infrastructure without charging users anything is not easy. That's why most free services (mostly just sites with scripts) often fail to exist or become premium after a few years.


On the other hand, paid agency service providers prefer to maintain long-term relationships with their clients.


They tend to interact with clients through legal documents, which is a win-win for both parties. Although they guarantee the quality of their service in the contract, you assure them that you will still be a loyal customer. This is how with some investment in agency services, your business can reap huge benefits.


The best way to provide a paid proxy for your business is to provide a dedicated IP address. Such IPs allow you to browse organically without compromising your online safety.


For all these reasons, paid proxy services prove to be the best proxy for businesses.


Of all paid proxies, I recommend you use a residential proxy service. Each residential IP is an actual device that acts as a proxy server to protect your real identity from detection. It's also helpful if you're somewhere in the Instagram-restricted world. It bypasses restrictions and restrictions so that you can handle everything normally without compromising private data.


PIA Proxy Manager has more than 50 million top-level residential proxies, helping you switch millions of IP resources around the world with one-click connection, military-grade encryption technology, provide rotating proxy and sticky proxy sessions, experience 30-day free use and 7*24 hours online service, Any time to solve your problem.

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